Our Mandate

Technovus is all about having fun and learning technical skills in electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. We are a group of students dedicated to creating a vibrant and welcoming community that fosters creativity and innovation through hands on projects, workshops, and competitions. All experience levels are welcome! Here, we believe there’s more to engineering than what lies inside the classroom. It’s about being able to conceptualize ideas that will help you blow batteries, burn hair, and fry circuit board after circuit board. We learn from each other's wisdom, share our tools, make fun of each other, and grow together.

Our Story

Technovus started in the Fall of 2016 when two SFU students felt that there was something missing in their University experience. They wanted to be a part of a tightly knit community where they could work on creative yet challenging projects, learn from each others experiences, and form long lasting friendships. Since Technovus has formed, we have had 5 teams working on 5 different projects, have run our own mechanical hackathon called The Mechathon, taught two 6 week series of robotics workshops, and have had many fun events for our members. We’ve just started, and are excited for what’s to come.


Refayet Siam

Founder & Co-President

John Nguyen

Founder & Co-President

Dev Bhullar

Project Manager

Sohail Sangha

Project Manager

Kirill Salita

Project Manager

Michael Lam

Director of Finance

Caleb Taylor

Director of Marketing

Elvis Eshikena

Director of Web Development and Graphics

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