If you had an exoskeleton that moved your legs for you, how would you control it? We’re doing something similar here. Imagine a pair of robot legs but with your knees inverted. That’s what a biped robot looks like. Project Biped is an exploratory project meant to develop our R&D skills as engineers. Through research, trial, and experimentation we will discover the means robots such as Honda’s Asimo or Boston Dynamic’s BigDog are able to walk. We have assembled a 12-servo avian style bipedal robot and our next goal is to get it to walk autonomously. Our next objective is to make the robot react to shifts in its own weight and outside stimuli. This is an intermediate level project. If you’re interested in learning how kinematics can be applied to robots, this is the project for you.

Key Concepts You Can Learn

  • Kinematic Motor Control
  • Integration of sensory systems using arduino
  • Programming in C and Python
  • Electrical Safety Systems and Power Management
  • Mechanical Repair and Maintenance of Robot



Start: Mid November 2017

End: April 30, 2017