We have already created the first prototype of an electric longboard. It’s operated via RC control and can go up to a whopping 40km/hr. The next step is to create a better and improved version 2 of our board. Currently, our E-board isn’t safe enough to ride so we’ll be re-programming and will be creating new motor mounts from scratch. Additionally, we’ll be making all of it’s systems enclosed, will be optimizing the efficiencies of the board, and will be looking for better ways to make the board “Smarter”. This is a project that is good for those who are not technically inclined yet but want to work on a technical project to begin getting their feet wet.

Key Concepts You Can Learn


  • Soldering and Wiring Electrical Components.
  • 3D Printing and Solid Works.
  • Radio  receiver and transmitter control.
  • Battery System Management
  • How to make an electric longboard



Start: Mid November 2017

End: April 30, 2017