Have you ever wanted to make your own plug and play micro-controller from scratch? During the EVINO project, we will be working on creating a new microcontroller board with the goal of replacing the current EV3’s that are used in MSE 110. These boards will be compatible with the rest of lego mindstorm. Our goal is to provide a better learning experience for future MSE110 students by giving them a chance to learn the basics of embedded systems. If you’ve ever worked with RobotC’s IDE, you’ll know how frustrating it is to use it. To accomplish our goal, we will be working closely with the school of mechatronics.
Students will make same projects as before, however EVino board will provide better coding experience with the Arduino or PlatformIO IDE and allow students to learn more about C++ coding for embedded systems using most up-to-date software features.

Key Concepts Learned

  • Microelectronics circuit design
  • PCB design using Altium or Eagle CAD
  • Working knowledge of ESP-series chips: ADC, I2C
  • Firmware development: writing Arduino-compatible libraries and test your code on real projects