Have you ever seen a tonne of ants working together to carry leaves? Or how bout a pack of bees harvesting honey together. Just like how they’re working together as a swarm, we’re creating our own swarm of robots. The objective of Project Swarmbot will be to create a fleet of small intelligently controlled robots capable of completing various tasks as a unit.

We’re designing the bots from scratch ourselves and will be using computer vision to control them. This is a versatile project that teaches fundamental elements of project design and the full process of building a robot. It is perfect for beginners getting started in the world of robotics.

Key Concepts You Can Learn

  • Component selection
  • Circuit design
  • Firmware testing
  • Soldering and electronic assembly
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Image Processing
  • Python, EaglePCB, solidworks



Start: Mid November 2017

End: April 30,3017