If you have never heard of Vex Robotics, think lego but instead of your regular lego, it’s much more advanced and catered towards robotics. In Vex Robotics competitions, teams are tasked with designing and building robots that will compete against each other in various games. That’s what we’ll be building in this project.To participate in the project, you can join 1 of 2 teams:


Competition Team: This team will be working on a robot to compete for the VEXU competition. This team is highly competitive and will be representing Technovus in the competition.


Casual Team: For people who have little to no knowledge about robotics, this is a team that will learn to use vex to create their own projects utilizing, but are not limited to, the vex robotics design system.


Key Concepts You Can Learn

  • Basic Robotic Drive trains
  • Gearbox systems
  • Linkage & arm systems
  • Object oriented programming using Robot C



Start: Mid November 2017

End: May 30, 2017

APPLY HERE : https://goo.gl/forms/fPOpzmuCrxlqKT4I3